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A collaboration with LIVIN FOR HOCKEY and designed to promote mental health awareness

Cairns Hockey has through its identified strategic outcomes committed to use the sport of hockey and the Cairns Hockey facility as a vehicle to drive positive health and well-being awareness and supporting programs.

The inclusive and diverse membership and families supporting and involved in hockey – winter/summer/social/school and the significant number of people across the facility per week highlights why the Cairns Hockey Strategic Plan supports programs designed to drive positive social changes.

With at least 1 in 5 Australians effected by mental illness over the course of a lifetime, Cairns Hockey believes it could utilise the profile of the game in the region and its satellite programs across the remote indigenous communities of FNQ, Cape York and Torres Strait Islands to positively impact the mental health and wellbeing of the hockey family and broader community. With over 20% of Australians effected by mental health issues, odds are someone at a sporting club or organization like Cairns Hockey will benefit by a support program.

Sporting clubs like Cairns Hockey are the perfect place to provide a positive support network to tackle mental health issues. Cairns Hockey State of Mind Support Program supports clubs to raise awareness of mental health issues, provide referral pathways to local services and build an inclusive club.

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